Fees & Costs

Choosing a law firm to represent you in your time of need is an extremely personal decision and should be carefully considered.  It is never lost on us that we work for our clients. 

The saying, "You get what you pay for" does apply to personal injury firms. Almost all personal injury firms operate off a contingency fee arrangement, meaning they get paid a percentage of your settlement or verdict plus get reimbursed the costs that were advanced in the prosecution of your claim.   

Not all personal injury attorneys are created equal. Do not let another attorney under-settle your claim. We believe at Stackhouse Law that you should be compensated for every penny that you are owed. 

Free Consultations

We believe that every person deserves the right and the ability to speak with an attorney about their legal issue.  Every consultation, regardless of the area of practice, are always free of charge. Whether you were hurt as a pedestrian, in an auto accident, or on someone's property we appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about that issue and earn your business. 

No Risk - Contingency Fee

There is NEVER a fee unless there is a recovery on your case. Almost all personal injury firms in Florida receive payment for their services once a case resolves by receiving a percentage of the settlement or verdict. These percentages are standard within the industry, and are regulated by the Florida Bar based on the type of personal injury case that you have and whether or not the resolution required the matter to be litigated. Our retainer agreement spells out the contingency fee that will be applied on your case.


Costs are incurred on every case. These are funds that are advanced to prosecute your case. Unfortunately, costs are part and parcel of prosecuting your personal injury claim. It is always our goal to keep costs as low as feasibly possible on any given case with the understanding that there are instances where money must be spent. Unlike many of our competitors, we will never charge you interest on costs that are incurred in your case. Moreover, and subject to our retainer agreement, our firm fronts the costs on your case and we are then only reimbursed if and when you recover.